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Hi! What's your name?

What are (2) things you are GREAT at ?

What are (2) things you aren’t GREAT at but “should” be?

What’s ONE thing that IF you mastered it, became an expert, would really change your life / career / business?

Take (3) deep breaths - tell me, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you go deep within and ask *why* you hate the thing above ?

What are the most productive (4) hours of your day (they don’t need to be strung together)

What % of the time do you eat healthy?

What % of the time do you exercise ?

How much stress do you experience on average (5 - 10 scale.  5 = normal to 10 = extreme and affects your mood, relationships, and health negatively)

How many hours a day do you sleep?

How many hours a day do you “work”?

How many minutes of TRULY focused work do you get done every day?

How would you rate your relationship with your spouse or mate (5-10) 5 = not good 10= bliss (mostly)

If not an 8 - 10 above, how is the stress caused from this affecting your focus, productivity, and outcomes? (please dig deep and honest on this one)

Are you consistent with your work activities? (all the actions that need to be taken)

Do you like the company you work with? (5-10)

If below an 8 - why ?

Do you enjoy the people you work with ? (5-10)

If below and 8 - why?

How efficient are you with your time? (5-10)

If not yes at a 9 or 10 - what would it take for you to get to a 10?

Do you have your BIG audacious goals laid out for 2018 Personal / Business / Relationships / Family / Other ?

What are your BIG audacious professional and personal goals for 2018?

Are you ready for a BIG shift in your life - and seriously committed to doing whatever it takes?

In a few words - what exactly does YOUR BIG SHIFT look like for you? Then, tell me, how will you feel once it's achieved?

Can you make this shift alone - or would you like some help?

I can't wait to connect with you - what's your name and email ?

Regarding sales: Do you make cold or "warm" calls - please explain

How many calls a day do you make on average and are you consistent ?

Generally, as descriptive as you can tell us, how do you feel before, during and after making calls for the day ?

How much time goes into "research" before making calls?

What sucks about making calls?

How could making phone calls be better?

How many emails do you send out per day?

How much research goes into writing your emails?

What sucks about sending  /writing emails?

How could it be better?

Generally, how many time in total do you "touch" a prospect?

Do you have a system to keep you on track with follow ups?

Throughout your day - what would be most helpful to you?

If you had a "personal" sales coach helping you throughout your day - how would that look for you?

Do you have a solid VISION of the ideal situation with your career or business? If so, What is it ?

How many people are on your team?

What's your company's existing revenue?

What industry are you in?

Since your still with me answering questions, I know you are serious! You can expect an email from me today!

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